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What are our solutions?

The tree fases:
  • Our first priority is to get the parcels back. In partnership with BPost International, we’ve developed a network thta covers 26 countries in Europe.
  • Secondly, we register and do the Quantity and Quality control according your procedures.
  • Third: we need to develop in close colaboration with you an after live for the returns.

Egate2c at your service:

The 3 Fases

BPost International at your service

Get it back!
  • Your consumer, based in Spain, Norway or somewhere else in Europe, he goes to the local postoffice and handover the parcel with your label on, as simple as that.

    Parcels Solutions Portfolio

    Reverse Network

The services of Egate2c

Once the parcel is at our warehouse, our services start.
First of al we start with the essentials en we go as far as your demands:

  1. picture of the parcel
  2. weight of the parcel
  3. encoding return reason of the shipper
  4. lecture of the barcode with customer ID

Ask more information about, the next steps.

Reverse Logistics Process Easy Return

Reverse Network Flow Chart

The second life of your returns

Once the products are identified and in the warehouse, there a multiple possibilities to give a real second life at your returns.

  • We can make for you an outlet store
  • you use our stock feed to re-use the returns for different customers
    Ask for more information about all the possibilities.

Reverse Logistics Internal Handling

Second Live Cycle of Returns

Offered Services