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Reverse logistics for e-commerce returns

Without doubt, you’re very familiar with e-commerce.
The model below is our vision on the ideal e-commerce model.

E-commerce model

Most e-commerce companies do control perfectly their outbound flow.
They get the right products at the right time at the right customer.

  • But what do you do with returns?
  • How do you handle returns?

Egate2c at your service

The definition:
  • Processes involved with returning goods from the customer (in Europe) to the retailer’s warehouse.
  • Products may be returned because of quality problems or because the customer doesn’t like the product.
  • European legislation allows the consumer to return the good and ask for refund within 14 days without providing a reason.

The hyper consumer

The importance of a good return policy

Important for 83% of your consumers and prospects!

Some figures

The emotional consumer